Quarintine Journal April 6, 2020

There is an assistant living home that I passed by yesterday. I was headed to the car wash because cleaning my car helps me clear my mind.  The car wash was closed. I wasn't too upset about it. As I was driving by the assistant living, I noticed there was a couple, sitting outside one of the windows with lawn chairs. My guess was they wanted to sit and  chat with their family. They maintained a distance of six feet away from the window. It was delightful to see that people still care and value the old folks. It was also reassuring that they visited their loved ones from the window.

Today, I would like to chat about the importance of positivism and the question, What does God want done?

No, I am not a religious person. I am a spiritual person.
Yes, Governor Jared Polis is saying the stay indoors order will be extended until April 26th. However, that doesn't mean we go out and cause mass hysteria. That doesn't mean we panic. Are stay indoors, go out for necessary reasons, and keep clean. Pretty simple.

The National Guard was called to help with things needed to fight the corona virus. I think civilians sometimes tend to associate the militant uniform with Martial Law and make a big deal about it to cause fear in the public. No need people. As a veteran, recently separated from service, I just want to say that we all come from the same place. We have families and do not want to cause harm. We like to do our duty of service and serve for the freedom and rights of the people. So when you see a man or a woman in uniform, it is like a King Soopers manager hiring more staff to help stock shelves. I am not degrading any service worker by any means, thank you all for risking your lives.
I'm not going to lie, I was really worried about my old unit and friends that were activated. I was worried, due to the uncertainty and lack of information. But I know we are stronger than this virus and if we work together we can overcome it.
At one point, I was telling myself that my friends where going to get harmed. I was thinking crazy thoughts about not being able to help my battle buddy if something did happen... but in the reality, the more I fall into these thoughts, the more I fall into fear. The adversary is when the devil is trying to make us fear. The more the devil, evil, and harm have over us, the more we fall into sickness. I am not a religious person. I am a spiritual person. God is in control.  Ask yourself this, "What does God want done?" For me it isn't, "what does Daneeca want?" It is, "what solution can God speak through Daneeca to fix a problem." Or "how can I help the greater common good?"

I would like to share a poem that I wrote in January of 2016. It is as follows:
I've been to paradise not once but twice.
I was asleep and all I saw was a purity so clean. I opened my eyes, to a familiar land, with a beautiful scene, of the ocean in my toes, rejuvenating my soul.
Nature in the air, a breeze flowing amongst my hairs. I can not help but stare at the crystal-blue Pacific Ocean flair. Palm trees in my vision, green-gold everywhere.
Take a deep breath in and inhale the pure, yet natural air.
The people are so kind. They all are family. Their souls are pure, peaceful ray's of sunshine. Glass full. Pure seeds to bear. The sun beams warming my skin and censoring my mechanics. Do not wake me up yet.
Love this paradigm.
Orange Reflections off the blue. 
Pink and yellow sunsets daily, who knew.
Red, orange, blue, green, yellow. They grow. We grow. Let us be mellow.
Breathe, inhale, absorb the beauty inside. Allow the breeze to flow between your nose hairs.
my phone rang, I woke up in _______
Fun addition: fill in the last word in the comments!

As always, thanks for tuning in to today's blog. 
Stay balanced, stay healthy, stay loving one another. Keep a safe distance.
Sending warm hugs,
love you fam. 

-Daneeca. Aka EtchAsketchQueen.


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