Quarantine Journal April 5, 2020 (The Howls at 8pm)

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Today I will be talking about online church and the message regarding "faith is fear." I would also like to talk about a popular trend people have seem to catch onto as well as my face mask experience prior to this epidemic. 

As you may no, all churches are online. I tuned into church this morning and was excited sing and worship and hear the word of the Lord. It was a great morning. Later that day, I decided I needed to drive a few miles into the mountain.

As I was driving up to my favorite hiking spot alone, I passed a church sign that read, "fear is faith". I contemplated what their interpretation was trying to relay. Then, I sat back thinking about what that message means to me as an outsider viewpoint. Hmm... Fear is faith? What did the church mean by this? Then I got to thinking, fear is the reverse gear of faith. It is actually faith in the devil’s ability to eliminate your faith. If faith is the substance of things desired, then fear is the substance of things not desired. The reason someone fears is because they believe in its manifestation. So we could say worry is believing in the manifestation of the thing we worry about.

When we speak our fears, they will grow and nullify our faith. We can’t keep the devil from bringing thoughts of doubt and fear to our minds, but those thoughts will die unborn if we don’t speak them. Thus, praying and giving our fears to God rather than  allowing our fear to manifest deeper, is one way to dissolve that fear. Our fear-filled words give the enemy the license to operate. Just as faith comes by hearing, fear also comes by hearing the wrong things. I hope this makes sense to you all.
If you have questions, or would like to chat further about this, please feel free to reach out to me.

There is a trend going on about people howling to the moon at 8 PM in your time zone. Sorta ironic because there is a full moon on Tuesday April 7th. NASA says this, "by the morning of the full Moon after next on April 7, 2020 at the time EDT for the Washington, DC area), Jupiter at about 23 degrees above the horizon, Saturn will appear to the left of Jupiter at about 21 degrees above the horizon, with Mercury below the horizon. On Tuesday afternoon at 2:08 PM EDT, the Moon will be at perigee, its closest to the Earth for this orbit. Make sure to go outside and take a look This only happens once every 30 years. Also, did you know that the name Earth is at least one thousand years old? All of the planets, except Earth, were names after Greek gods and goddesses. However, the name Earth is a Germanic word, which simply means "the ground."  Any hoot, let me know your thoughts about the 8 PM howl. Jennifer Giager-Meyer, a nurse at Centura Health says this, "to anyone that think howling at the moon is dumb... I am an ER nurse here in Denver and I just went outside to listen...That was absolutely AMAZING!!! Gave me goosebumps...thank you so much for all of your support." I say, to continue to be kind, continue to be positive and show thanks to all the first respondents working in these trialing times. I would also like the thank all my military battle buddies for their service and I am praying for all you out there.

Story time:

When I was in basic combat training, one of the requirements to graduate was to go through the gas chamber and say your ABC's forward and backwards before you can leave the gas chamber. We were all wearing special masks, similar to the ones people wear for painting but with one air filter in the front and then entire face is covered, even the eyes. Sorta like Bane from Batman without the bars in front of the mouth. So I am putting gas in my car and this man comes over. To my surprise, he was wearing a mask and says, "where is your mask?" I responded, "excuse me sir?" He says, "where is your mask kid? Our governor, Polis, ordered us to wear them when we are out in public 10 mins ago. 

In basic training, you are locked in a room that shoots toxic gases that make you cry profusely and make you leak mucus out of your nose. Your eyes would burn for days. Most people puke and or pass out. I think people wearing these types of masks is a bit extreme but at the same time, I have had a hard time ciphering extreme from not extreme. 

This is a random addition, my friend who works downtown doing construction saw a bunch of police officers collecting the homeless people and putting them in vans. He said they were taking them to Utah. Afterwards, I chatted with my friend who lives in Utah and he mentioned that they have a great homeless system set into place for homeless and have been getting buses of the homeless shipped over for the past few weeks. I am posting this because I am wondering for my friends that live downtown... have you seen any homeless in the streets during these nicer days of sunshine? Just some food for thought...

I would like to end the post today with this: 

Kelly is a former NASA astronaut who spent almost a full year on the International Space Station and studied the long-term effects that being in space has on the human body. To keep your spirits up, Kelly says it's important to separate times for work and rest, cultivate a hobby that brings you joy, and stay connected virtually with friends and family.


Welp, that concludes day five of Daneeca's quarantine journal entry.

As always, stay alert, stay blessed, stay healthy and happy. 

feel free to comment your thoughts below!

Much much much love,

Daneeca aka, EtchAsketchQueen


I went to the gas station and saw someone in a decked out mask. 


Eddie C

I liked your blog today especially the section about Fear and faith.

I was reminded of the scene from the movie prince of Egypt when Moses is trying to convince the Hebrews that God will liberate them from slavery and bring them to the promised land. Many of the Hebrews were fearful of pharaoh, and what he could do.

Moses tells the Hebrews , ultimately pharaoh could take everything from them, their possessions and lives but he could never take their faith. That is theirs forever.

Faith is undying hope. And with hope any thing is possible.


😳😪😪reading this made me cry. My soul hurts for us. The people, the nation our earth. 🙏🙏🙏


Love all of this!!! Also interesting… Comet Atlas (aka C/2019 Y4) should be lighting up our skies at the end of April to relieve us of all of this!!! just at a glance it’s name signifies Covid19… and as the summer comes, this too shall pass! 🤞🏻I’m no scientist! (Listen to them! and Doctors!!!) ❤️

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