Quarantine Journal April 4, 2020

I ate breakfast today with my father. It is a special treat to enjoy some coffee and sit with him. Coffee is one thing that brings me clarity and peace. The reason is because when I was a toddler, I used to stay at my grandparents house. They lived in a quaint town called Center Colorado, where everybody knew everybody.  My grandfather would always wake us up at dawn to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. Coffee beans have since been my favorite aroma and memory.
Coffee with my paps is a blessing because he works five days a week at Coors. He leaves the house before the sun is up. He is the hardest working man I know. Before quarantine, we did not chat much at all. Everyone was on their phones and distracted. Definitely guilty. We never took the time to learn about each other's social realities. A social reality is when I go to work and have work friends. Work is a social environment. Thus, a social reality can be different from person to person. I enjoy learning from my parents. They have internal wisdom I do not based on experiences I may not have endured myself. 
One question stood out to me at breakfast. He asked, "what is the secret to life?"
He told me his is to take care of his family and to leave this world better than when he found it. I think this response is truly admirable. If we all left the earth better than we found it, would anything change?

What do you think? What is the secret to life?

As far as him now, he is satisfied to have the ability to work and support his family. Coors is still open because drug and liquor stores are considered essential. So my dad is an essential worker. He says his life hasn't changed much for him. He still wakes up, drinks his coffee in the morning, goes to work, comes home, eats, and goes back to bed. That is still what many people are doing from home.
I like to say we are are living in boxes. A paradox box. There is nothing wrong with this lifestyle. In fact, it pays the bills, puts food on the table, and builds up foundations. But I personally do not think money and materialism defines success. I think money is important to have to sustain a happy, healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, but it should not be meant for greed.  As Kendrick Lamar would say, "Stay humble. Sit Down."

To me, success is determined when an individual creates a goal. After that goal is achieved, that is success. Success can also have a direct correlation with love and relationships. If you are happy with where you are in life, that is success.  There are many people today that get themselves worked up about figure. Meaning, what figure does my bank account relay? I want the next best thing. I need this, I need that. But do those materialistic items really matter during this time? There were people fighting over toilet paper in grocery stores, not flat screen TVs people. Yes, it is nice to be locked inside a mansion but what is the fun in that if you have no one to share it with?
Enough of that, hopefully you get it.
On another note:

I have always found that giving brings me great joy. Whether that be; giving my time, giving a tangible gift, or giving the last dollar in my pocket to a homeless single mom on the street... I love to give. I always keep in mind that he/she may need it more than I. 

Story Time: This morning at 2:30 am, I decided to call a friend because I had seen on his Facebook that his auntie passed away earlier that day. So I facetime him. I have not seen or talked to him in over six months. I went incognito while I was in a relationship. Anyways, we chatted and caught up.
I asked him what success meant to him and his response was, "success is being around positive people." We also talked a bit about fear. He explained how his life has changed because he committed his life to the Lord Jesus Christ and has been reading the bible.  He explained how God has helped him with the loss of his auntie. He said, "once you start stressing and fearing, then your body doesn't heal." That every time you think about something negative, think about two things positive." Success is being around positive people. I think when we are able to experience our trials, we are able to learn. We are able to open our hearts to absorb the experiences God throws our way and process our emotions along the way.
Churches are online now. Congregation is held virtually. I think it is neat to sing with the worship team online from my home. I think it is powerful to see the community come together and discuss positive things to the public. JoJo put it this way, "We are Gods creation, not the world's creation." I thought this comment was powerful and amazing.

I would like to end on this note for today.
Life is not worth stressing about the little stuff or things out of your control. Focus on the things you can control and remain a positive patti. #postivepatti

As always,
Stay, polite, peaceful positive Patti's people.
Warm hugs,


Ang Medina

Hello again sis!
My definition of success is happiness. I truly believe that until you are happy within, the people around you, your life, and your heart is content and at ease, is success. No matter how big or small your goals are in life, accomplishing them is success! For example… i have been putting off mopping the floor for a week now.! lol… Today i finally did it! when i was done i was like YESSSSS SUCCESS!!!! LOL. I felt good about it i got it done and i was happy that it felt clean around me!

I’m glad you got to spend some time with dad and also.. you brought back a wonderful memory that i also have of grandpo and grandmas house as a youngin. The smell of coffecito in the morning is just such a warm feeling..

I’m glad your writing about your day, and taking time to address things that are going on around us, i have been cooped up in the house and its nice to read about someone else’s day and prospective on things! Thank you!

You guys stay safe over there… Love you all. ! Cant wait to read about tomorrow lol :}


Susan Abrahamsen

Thanks for your thoughts. Made me think:)

Eddie C

I really liked your entry for today

I liked the nod to stoicism in that last paragraph 😎

Success is itself an interesting concept. It can mean so many things. My own personal experiences have taught me to not live a successful life, instead live a life that matters. A successful life to me implies expectations that we may never live up to, whereas living a life that matters means making the most of the 1 life that I have. A life that matters is one that creates an individual sense of accomplishment. Art can make my life matter. Writing can make it matter. Doing good can make it matter. Ultimately it’s the individual who determines how they can make the most and do the most with the one life they have. To make the most with the talents and gifts we already have.

It reminds me of another Stoic tenant, to never believe our happiness lies in the future. Because the worries of today will most likely still be there at this future point as well. It’s only when we can change how we see life that we can appreciate each day rather than waiting for a future that may never come.


Positive patties lol I love that. 🤓

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