Quarantine Journal April 2, 2020

Day 2

I woke up late. At 11:30am. Maybe 12:00pm? My sleep schedule is out of wack. Today, I would like to talk about playground caution tape, the importance of face timing your friends and family, and delivery drivers.

Today, I mustered up the courage to step outside for a bit to the park. I thought it might be a good idea to get some fresh, cold air. It ended up snowing today. Yesterday was 70 degrees. Today, it was 27 degrees Fahrenheit. The park isn't far from my apartment.  As I was walking over, I saw that there was caution tape all around the park. Yet, dog parks are still a gathered community space? I am not saying dog parks should not be open, I am saying that it was shocking to see my childhood wrapped up with caution tape. I'm saying that all playgrounds all around the globe are vacant and off limits.

I remember when I was 9 years old, all my neighboring friends would get together at the park and enjoy kickball, throwing football's, playing lava monster (coined by Ariel) on the playground set, and maybe even a game or two of truth and dare. The playground was a magical place. If you also utilized the playground until all hours of the night as a child, let me know because children today are more introverted. They tend to enjoy virtual reality games more than parks. I do not see many of them in groups, hanging out at the park. Kids are more into their IPad, Tick-Tock, and video games. The thing I do not understand is, do they even notice that the playgrounds are boarded up? It is the universe is saying, "grow up". I know they are cautioned off because people do not want to spread the virus and social distancing helps contain it, but it was alarming to see that. It was a wake up call for me.  life that we knew prior to Covid-19 was different. When I saw that caution tape, it was like realizing that life from today on will never be the same. This time in history will cause a ripple in some sort of fashion for years to come. I am already beginning to feel the intensity. On a side note, YouTube astrology and how the planets alignment during this time may effect certain frequencies on earth. it is fantastic.

What are your opinions about the playground having caution tape on them? Leave your comments below.

I have been chatting with friends online. The online community has become more important now. Specifically face time and Zoom. I was fortunate to face time a few friends today. It is definitely a good feeling to see their loving faces. It is like a two for one deal when you can hear them and see them. Friends have stopped to gather together socially for tea, games and music more now than ever. They are getting to know more about another if they choose

I have seen a few pictures on the internet that people have sent my way about teachers, mentors, and tutors standing outside children's glass doors with a white board to teach math because some kids do not have access to internet at home. There is a trend that the millennial generation have picked up on to howl at the moon at 8:00pm. This is meant to help relieve stress and pain people may be feeling. It is sorta silly and fun. Just like the video of France where people were singing and playing instruments together. All beautiful outcomes.
I have been using Snapchat more now. The reason I prefer Snapchat is because there is a sense of comfort when I see a face, rather than read and interpret a text. The whole idea of Snapchat is to snap a photo. Then, it disappears after 10 seconds or less. However, It was originally designed to send nudes.

A fun fact about me that I feel embarrassed about at times, is that I live with my parents. After I have sat with this shame, I realized I should not be ashamed at all. I am helping them help me. I help them pay rent, they help me save money. They love me, feed me, and offer me a roof to live under. Regardless, my mom, (roommate) ordered Chinese food today. It was an interesting exchange.  The driver isn't allowed to have direct contact with the customer so the driver left it at our doorstep. It was cold. Convenience has seemed to have lost its value.
I mentioned in journal 1, that I work for Instacart. I deliver food to people's houses from grocery stores. It is interesting to walk into a grocery store and not know what to expect. Are the groceries I need for this order going to be here? Will there be an alternative option? How long will the lines be? These are all questions billions of people are asking themselves around the globe. The president is now advising people to wear scarfs when they are out at the grocery store. Instacart just announced they will be giving out a safety kit to their shoppers. I will receive a mask, hand sanitizer, a thermometer, and gloves. I thought that was neat! People are calling anyone who works right now an essential worker. Shout out to all you essential homies out there. You all matter and are appreciated!

This concludes tonight's journal entry of the day. Quarantine day 2. Thank you all for stopping by and reading my thoughts. Hope to inspire creativity and euphoria.  Stay blessed, humbled and calm my friends.

Daneeca Medina
aka Etchasketchqueen


Eddie C

I liked today’s journal entry and I wanted to comment specifically on the living with parents thing. I too still live with my folks, and I get that negative stigma around it but I’m also reminded that the whole American idea of moving out at 18 and leaving your family is a new concept that has only been around for a few decades. Humans for thousands of years have had multiple generations live in households because it was a way to keep family unity and biologically speaking it’s what our species has always done. It was really materialism that made us stray from this. Plus you do help your folks out like I do. So it’s a team effort. I hope that helps but if it doesn’t I’m always willing to talk with you about it more.

As far as the caution tape, it is disheartening to see how the virus is impacting everything.


Wow great entry. I didn’t know they closed off playgrounds… or that snap was originally designed to send off nudes😳yuck! Glad I mostly share food ha😬. Also I remember staying out in our youth until dusk.. Riding bikes rollerblading Making mudpies and climbing our willow tree until the street lights came on no worries at all. It’s sad to think there is a huge hault on all of that today. We used to love being outside and now have to bribe kids to even get them to play foursquare. I agree technology and games are bad and my oldest is stuck on them like superglue.
“Fortnite” is life for him sadly. He does however talk to and play with his friends and fam on there so 🤷‍♀️ mixed emotions on that one for sure.

I for one never had a problem staying at home since that was the norm and job description para mi…. but now that we are told to do so…. I don’t like it! Never thought I would NOT be allowed to go to the store… Oh how I took that for granted!
Since we have the baby it is best that only my spouse goes to prevent being infected. He is right. (Don’t tell him I said so)😬

I’m hoping we can still have somewhat of a summer because I would love to take my kiddos swimming! That is the only activity my oldest loves doing. I want to be able to teach my 7month old just as I did my first born how to swim. 😥
Soooo wanting to take a road trip to the San Luis Valley to see My Nina and the fam down there… go to the sand dunes.😪All of that seems sooo far away.

We must not give up hope and loose our faith even though I was and slowly slipping. I must remind myself that GOD knows what he is doing. Prayers that all stay safe, healthy and sane. Prayers up🙏. We are all in this together never give up✊.

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