Quarantine Journal April 1, 2020

Hello friends, 

Today I decided I was going to document my experience with the Covid-19 or (Corona Virus) pandemic over the time period of the lock down order set in Denver Colorado. Mind you, I personally do not have the virus to my knowledge. But apparently, there is a test one can take that determines whether a person has had the virus or not. Which is a look in the positive direction because then people can go back to work. However, we still need to find out if someone can contract the virus more than once.   

Enough of that jazz:

I decided to do this for a few reasons but one of those reasons is because there has been exposure to false news lately and not a lot of credibility goes into blog posts or journalism in real time. By sharing my perception and reality of experiences and emotions with those around me, I hope to influence others to document these wild times as well. These words will be omitted onto the internet where things cannot be erased in time and space. Future generations will read about this historical pandemic, my personal experience and the ripple effect that it may cause later down the line. 

We may be asking ourselves: When will things ever go back to normal? Will I have my job back after this? When will this end? What is true? Where should I get my information from? Fact if false? Should I purchase a gun? Should I fight or flight? These are real questions billions of people around the globe are asking themselves, including me. In a few weeks, the entire globe was told to remain indoors. To wash our hands and stay healthy. People got fired, lost their jobs or had to all of a sudden work from home. 

First off, I would like to describe my experience when all of the restaurants, bars, movie theaters, concerts, all entertainment... gone. It was a nice day. I worked all week long. I was helping run a tourism business. Showing tourists that visit Colorado the best Colorado has to offer. Business was doing really well. I was extremely happy to be involved in ever lasting memories. For example. On my last day on the mountain, I was honored to be apart of a wedding proposal. I was blessed to take the couples photos and take them to the top of the mountain. This is a memory that will be in my heart forever. Yes, I am a sop and enjoy chick flicks and love story movies... My point is, the day was magical and seemed too good to be true. 

Little did I know after I took the work truck for a wash and returned the gear and clocked out for the day, that the entire city would be temporarily closed down. After work I called a friend of mine and asked her if she wanted to watch the sunset with me at Red Rocks Amphitheater. I ended up taking an instrument with me called a hang drum. It was my boss's drum. He bought it from Asia. The prices range from 2,000-4,000 $ US. So I took the drum with us to the top of Red Rocks. I played it for a couple hours around a crowd of tourists. From there, we set off the Red Rocks Grill for a beer and wings. 15 minutes into dinner, the bar tender gets a call from his manager. He looks shocks. Three minutes later he tells us that they are closing for good because the president as well as our governor, sanctioned a stay at home order. Only essential workers are allowed to work. Close your shops to help slow the spread of the virus. 

Wait what? I asked myself if what I just heard was real or if Clinton (the bar tender) was playing a prank on us. "Are you for real?" My friend asked. Turns out, Clinton was a bad ass and he gave us free shots the rest of the night. We were the last orders of tenders and a club sandwich that bar would dine in. 

I want to talk about the word quarantine for a second. So there is not much confusion or altercation of what it means now to us. If you have been tested positive for the virus by a medical doctor, then you must go into a 14 day quarantine period where you cannot go out of your home, you may not be able to leave your room. In some cases, elderly people cannot leave there own rooms. Not to eat or gather socially. They cannot have family visit them and cannot receive outside supplies. I know this because my best friend Sarah's grandmother and I chat occasionally on the phone. I call to check up and chat. I let her know she matters and not to give up. As for as stay at home orders. All countries are on a temporary Lock down where people are advised to stay indoors. No flight travel. No car travel outside your Country, State or in most cases County. Paris has been on lock down for over three weeks. They have military in place to influence a placebo of threat if one leaves their home. To be short. We cannot leave our homes. There has not been direct punishment where I live so far. I leave to hike and Frisbee Golf at an open course but I am not with more than one other person. Another thing, there cannot be gatherings of more than 10 people and when there is, you must be withing 6 feet of that person. They have coined the term, social distancing. 

Today I ventured out and went Frisbee Golfing. It felt great to be outside and moving around.Even though i am one of those more fortunate souls to be working, I took the time to enjoy the sunshine. I work delivering groceries for those at higher risk of attaining the virus. I go to the grocery store and scan the item and deliver the items to their doors. It is always important to have more than once source of income.

I want to chat about the experience at the grocery stores the last few weeks. When our news casters first announced that the city would be shut down, there was mass panic from people buying in bulk. The things that mainly sold out was toilet paper, hand-sanitizer and hand soap. Within the first week, most canned food and non perishable items shelves were empty. After that, the frozen foods and meats started to vanish. Let us just say the streets, store shelves and social gathering joints were empty. The lines at Costco and Sams Club were exceptionally long. People were fighting like you see in movies on black Friday over toilet paper. 

What is even more bizarre is that graduations have been postponed or cancelled. There is no school for the rest of the year. Usually summer starts at the end of May or early June. Now, all children are learning from home.  While some parents have to work from home and take care of their infants. Also, the stock markets have plummeted. But are highly dependent on Twitter remarks form higher authoritative figures.

To conclude I would like to take the time to thanks all the first respondents to this crisis. I would like to thank teachers and workers that have adapted ever so quickly to working from home. I would like to share my condolences to those that have lost family and friends do to this pandemic and would like to pray for those dealing with it as we speak. In the end, this is not a joke. It is real. We can fight this if we work together as a nation. Thank you to all my fans, fam and framily for reading this and supporting this content. I appreciate every one of you. You matter, stay positive, healthy and happy. 

-Daneeca Medina 

Aka EtchAsketchQueen

4/1/2020 Day 1. 



Wow so cool you are doing this journaling sis you should be a writer. Definitely have your own piece in the paper material! Great Job. Also how beautiful to be apart of such a proposal on the top of a mountain how romantic🥰.

Donna Romero

Love that your doing this and I love hearing life from your view! Very proud..love ya hun.


Thank you for sharing sis. I love to read,keep posting!

This is a very hard time for us all and like you said, if we comply as a nation, we will get through this!

Meanwhile me and the kids are home and I’m looking for a work from home legit job because my phone is now shut off and rent is due!

Stay healthy as well…

I’ll be following this journal♡♡♡♡

Daneeca you are amazing. You have it all down and very well said. I will follow you on this link. I didn’t know that you knew how to build a website. I need a little help to get one going. But I should have know you are so smart. Keep it going. I will share this. XXOO!

Eddie C.

I liked your post. I agree right now is a weird time. I personally classify it as a dark time. But even with all that is going wrong, I see the good in humanity.

I see the medical staff still showing up to work, I see the Food bank volunteers still showing up, I see people still donating to the less fortunate, and I see people trying to be a voice for those hit hardest by this virus.

Just reminds me that we can always find light even in the darkest of moments.

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