Quarantine Journal April 3, 2020

Day 3: 

Hello my friends,

Today, was a little bit different. By different I mean, I noticed more traffic on the roads and more traffic in the grocery stores. I went on a private shopping run today for one of my good friends who has fully respected taking all precautions during this time. I went to Walmart. I was happy to see that most the shelves looked full however there where many items that were missing all together. When I dropped off the groceries, I did not get to see my friend. I saw her from a distance. She did not give a welcoming hug, hang out, and chat like we would normally.But what is normal these days? Instead, I dropped her groceries off in her trunk of her car. I did not step inside her garage and had to yell to talk about anything. I hope the social distancing thing doesn't last too long. I miss her. That was a wild encounter that had me tearing up on the way home. 

I would like to talk a little bit about the importance of hugs. I most definitely took advantage of hugs when they were available. I sure do miss human contact. I think human contact is indefinably important. I am super fortunate to have roommates to talk to, but I miss my friends. On the plus side, Facetime has become a fun way to connect with family and play virtual games as a family. I defiantly have been enjoying my time using filters and battling each other on the Facebook messenger apps. 

I am keeping busy through these times because if I do not, I will go crazy. My mind will wonder deep into the news about every detail and update about what is happening with Covid-19. I think it is important to stay up to date, but not to watch the news constantly. 

I will also talk about the heart drawing photo I have attached to this journal. If you look deeply, it has a dolphin inside. Dolphins symbolize harmony and balance. They are highly intelligent and closely in tune with their instincts, striking balance between the two. Dolphins are also a symbol of protection and of resurrection. Their playful nature is a reminder that everyone needs to approach lie with humor and joy. I think it is important to hold onto humor during these times. I love to see people smiling and sharing positive things rather than negative ones. I added the dolphin to the middle of the heart because we are all part of a larger wave.

Story time: I remember when I got to see a dolphin for the first time. I was rather recent. The same friend I mentioned earlier paid for me to go with them to Costa Rica. It was the best experience of my entire life thus far. I do not think I can ever repay her for this memorable experience. Each day was planned full of activities. We stayed in a bungalow where our room was surrounded by palm trees. I felt like I was dreaming when I had arrived. All the locals where the nicest people on earth and were extremely welcoming. We went for Christmas in 2014. One of the days, a few of us went out to ride jet skies in the ocean. During this time, their were dolphins swimming alongside us. There was a few cruise ships surrounding us as well. They were trying to get a closer view of the dolphins. Except I could reach out into the water and almost tough them. It was absolutely surreal. To be able to travel outside of the country is an amazing privilege. Thank you Laurie. 

Fun fact: 

I never traveled outside Colorado until I was 17 1/2. I left to basic combat training in Missouri, Fort LenardWood. It was the first time I had ever ridden in an aircraft. My parents signed the contract for me when I joined the Army National Guard. I joined because I wanted to go to college and new our family could not afford to send me. I also joined because I wanted to feel important in society and make a difference. I will talk more about my military experience in a later blog post. 

We all ride the same wave. We are all being impacted by this unfortunate epidemic one way or another.  What does this heart symbolize to you? What can you take away from this art piece? 

I want to personally thank everyone who commented on the last blog post. I read through all the comments and appreciate everyone's responses. From here forward, I will choose some to publish in future posts so we can move deeper in discussion.  

As always, stay calm, stay humble, stay positive. You matter. I love you. 

warm hugs, 






#riding the wave✊


Love you kid! We will be able to hug again very soon! I agree it is part of our beings to have physical contact with one another.

Brianna Anthony

It sounds like we are having a conversation, you are very good at expressing your voice! I love you friend💕

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